Corentin Pruvost - Game Designer


KGTC (Kinect, Gentlemen and Time Crisis) was a three month project in my first year of master at the ENJMIN school (ENJMIN web site).

KGTC is a rail shooter playing with a Kinect and three wiimotes. Like Time Crisis the player has to do the actions in physics to do them in the game : the three wiimotes are each a weapon and the player can switch between them. To take cover, the player has to, physically, hide himself from Kinect.

All the game design (life regeneration, chrono on ammo, ...) is centered around the player movement to hide, to shoot : the challenge was to manage the space on the screen but also the space on reality

A first video :

A second video :

On this project I work with : Jean-Luc Potte (Games User Researcher), Lucas Pierrot (sound designer), Rudy Pons (programmer), Chris Poinet (programmer), Antoine Leclere (graphic artist).

pictures of the game