Corentin Pruvost - Game Designer


Caravan is a six month student project currently in developpment for my second year of master at the ENJMIN school (ENJMIN web site).

Caravan is a gestion game where the player control a convoy of caravans and survivors and has to bring them in a safe place through an hostile world.

The player has to manage the physicals needs (exhaustion, thirst, ...) of the crew but also their social and personal satisfaction.

Main game design challenges are the balancing of the generated content (paths, caravans, NPCs...) and the AI (NPCs have to judge player's or NPC's action and have to be capable of create links).

Here is our dev-blog (in french).

On this project I work with : Jean-Patrick Gallon (producer), Arnaud Misaine (game designer), Leevï Galita (graphic artist), Tiphaine Chazeau (graphic artist), Clément Duquesne (sound designer), Alexandre Pestana (programmer), Rudy Pons (programmer) and Théotime Gallen (usability expert).

artworks of the game